When you’re looking for excellent rates on Mortgage and Real Estate loan products, look no further – Energy CU have the competitive rates you’re looking for.

Rates are effective as of March 31, 2020. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Mortgage & Real Estate Loan Rates Table
Loan Type Term APR * Max. Amount
First Mortgage Please call us at (617) 325-1999 for current rates and terms.
Home Equity Line of Credit Up to 20 years Prime minus 1%,
adjustable monthly **

* APR – Annual Percentage Rate.

** The prime rate is the Wall Street Journal prime rate as of the last business day of the month. Sample Payment information for a Home Equity LOC: A loan with a principal balance of $10,000 at 2.25% (prime -1%) would require a payment of $150 with approximately $33.97 applied to interest and $116.03 applied to principal in a 31 day month. Maximum rate is 18%. Floor rate is 2.25%.

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