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ATM Locator

ATM Locator

SUM Network ATMs

Energy Credit Union members can access thousands of ATMs in the SUM Network surcharge-free. Look for the bright-red SUM logo on any ATM to:

  • Check balances
  • Withdraw cash
  • Transfer funds



Locate your nearest SUM ATM


MoneyPass, one of the fastest growing surcharge-free ATM networks.

  • MoneyPass is a national surcharge-free network with thousands of ATMs across the nation
  • Over 24,000,000 MoneyPass cardholders and over 750 participating financial institutions and growing
  • Both card issuers and ATM owners can participate in the MoneyPass network
  • Many large banks, credit unions and associations are participants and sponsors
  • As the network continues to grow, your cardholders have access to more and more surcharge-free ATMs near where they live, work or travel.


MoneyPass ATM Locator